No.48 March/April/May 1997

Scots Fight Back- people resist cut backs by local authorites

Social Justice- Dockers fight harbour company scabs

Magnet- workers go on strike

Hillingdon Support - hospital workers seek support

world to win- news from around the world

the heaviest penalty- suicides in prison

nobody's fool - a new society:what you cannot vote for

inside info - there in there for us, we are out here for them

Squatters Resist

No to fortress Europe

Women FightBack

Days that Shook the Tarmac

Korea Opportunities

Bouganville Resists

Working on a Chain Gang

Lost in Limbo

Get involved


  • Glasgow Anarchist Alternatives
      3 Royal Exchange Square
      G1 3PA (until May 2nd)

  • Dundee Anarchists
      01382 814922;

  • The Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh
      17 WestMontgomery Place
      EH7 5HA

  • 5th May group
      POB 1687
      London N8

  • Anarchist Black Cross,
      c/o 121 Railton Rd.,
      London SE24 (prisoner solidarity)

  • Anarchist Communist Federation,
       84b Whitechapel High St,
       E1 7QX

  • Angry People,
      PO Box 108,
      St. Peters,
      NSW 2044

  • Bad Attitude
      121 Railton Road,
      London SE24
      Tel 0171-978 9057

  • Class War:
      PO Box 1021
      Edinburgh EH8 9PW
      PO Box 772
      Bristol BS99 1EL

  • Collective Action Notes
       PO Box 22962
      Balto., MD 21203

  • Contraflow
      56a Infoshop,
      56 Crampton St
      London SE17
      fax: 0171-326-0353

  • Education Worker Network
      Sol. Fed.-IWA, EWN
      c/o PO Box 1681
      N8 7LE

  • E. Anglia Anarchist Network
      PO Box 87
      IP4 4JQ

  • Federation Anarchiste
      145 Rue Amelot
      75011 Paris

  • Frontline Collective and Organise
      PO Box 505
      Belfast BT11 9EE

  • Haringey Solidarity Group
      Box 2474
       London N8
      0181 802 9804 Ê

  • Industrial Workers of the World
      75 Humberstone Gate
      LE1 1WB

  • Kate Sharpley Library
      BM Hurricane
      WC1 3XX

  • Kommunist Kranti
      Majdoor Library
      Autopin Jhuggi

  • London Anarchist Forum meet every Friday 8pm
      Conway Hall
       Red Lion Sq
  • Greenpeace
      5 Caledonian Rd
       London N1

  • Norwich Solidarity Centre/Solidarity Fed
       PO Box 73
      NR3 1QD

  • Ratbag Infoshop
      POB 126 cygnet 7/2

  • SchNEWS
      PO Box 2600
      BN2 2DX
      tel/fax: 01273-685913

  • Sheffield Anarchist Group
       PO Box 446
      Sheffield S1 1NY

  • Solidarity Fed - IWA
       PO Box 493
       St. Albans
       AL1 5TW

  • South Bristol Anarchists
      PO Box 1076
      BS99 1WF

  • Torpedo
      Milan Djuric
      M. Velikog 12/10
      11300 Smederevo


  • DS4A
      Box 8
      82 Colston St

  • Active Distro
      BM Active
      WCIN 3XX

  • AK Distribution
      PO Box 12766
      EH8 9YE