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A World to Win

This section contains brief news reports of sturggles from around the globe...

Opposing Pats
Anger errupted around Australia as 1,400 dockers were sacked in April by the main docks company, Patricks. In a military style operation, 17 sites were secured by security guards to prevent ocupations.
Within a week, mass pickets were organised in Sydney & Melbourne docks. With companies such as Toyota disrupted, the Courts were forced to order that scab workers be replaced by reinstated dockers.

Bank Withdrawal
Underground activists supporting the tubeworkers strike in London climbed aboard a roof of a scab train and halted the Central line at Bank station. three activists were arrested. Signs were changed to "laughing all the way to the Bank".

Showing their Mettle
7 car plants in South Africa including BMW, Delta & Toyota were shut down by a metalworkers strike on 7th August.

Poplar Uprising
A housing development in Nantwich, Cheshire has been opposed by a newly formed freezone determined to save black poplar trees and hedgerows.
Meanwhile Toytown camp started up early August to defend a wood threatened by Waitrose Supermarket chain in downtown Cheltenham [01242-525280]
The planned supermarket at Tysak site in south Sheffield was occupied by local people fed up with a spate of supermarkets within their area. They held a festival of football, cricket and organised a makeshift cinema.

Runway Resisted
An anniversary action at Manchester 2nd runway led to a stoppage of work. A camp was set up to save Arthurs Wood threatened for reasons of 'visibility'.[Earth First 9/98]

A celebration of resistance against the Multilateral Agreement on Investment [see CI 50] took place in Quebec on May 1st. Actions included shutting down the Conference de Montreal on Globalised Economics [see August issue of Industrial worker] In Hyderabad, on May 2nd , 200,000 workers, peasants and tribespeople marched against the World Trade organisation. To coordinate anti-MAI action,UK:

Airspace for Protest
Over 80 protestors were removed after effectively disrupting the British Aerospace AGM in London on April 24th. Kurdish demonstrators managed to stage a minute's silence - during the mayhem - for murdered relatives.

Neisse One
300 activists have attempted to disrupt 'Fortress Europe' at Goerlitz in eastern Germany. 'Alternative' border crossings were temporarily established by "No one is Illegal" .

Village of Struggle
Victory was achieved by 20,000 villagers in Madya Pradesh, central India in February '98 against State plans to submerge 61 villages and land by building a dam on the Narmada River.

Turning the Tables
Attempts by the Labour run Tameside Council near Manchester to distance themselves the Tameside Care Group have been exposed by careworkers and campaigners determined to oppose the deterioration in conditions. Council meetings have been disrupted and the offices of Jack Thornley, a Trustee director occupied on 19th August. More info: Rose on 0411 845507 + see Freedom , which also reports a similar struggle in Ealing, West London, where70 pensioners face eviction from Cecil Court Home.

Capitalism Contaminates
118 demonstrators were arrested delaying the Jabiluka uranium mine in Australia's Northern Territory reports Freedom 19/9. The site listed as a world heritage site is aborigine land, yet the offshoot of Energy Resources Australia had the arrested charged with 'tresspassing'

Roots of Resistance!
Earth First [9/98] report :Mutant veg invaded Safeways in Taunton. The veg labelled trolleys with "contaminated" and shouted: "resist us if you can" The police were flatfooted!

Dispossessed Libretto
Startled toffs at the home of Sir James Christie in Glyndebourne, West Sussex were gobsmacked when 500 activists from The Land is Ours and ramblers anonymous 'dropped in' on 2nd August. The action is part of a series against the South Downs rich. [SchNEWS]

Activists in Wysoka, Poland to defend local woods from bulldozers on June 4th were unsuccessful in the face of 85 anti-terrorist police and harassment by reactionary skinheads.

A spate of anarchistic pieing of celebrities including Jean Luc Goddard and Daniel Cohn-Bendit has erupted since tycoon Bill Gates faced a mass pieing in Belgium.

Crime Against Faslane
A dutch, finnish and american protestor swam for 90 minutes across Gareloch, Argyll, to breach security barriers around nuclear submarines on 25th august. In another incident two momen liberated a boat from the 'high security area' at Coulport, the site of weapons storage on the River Clyde. The actions were described as "open crimimal activity" from closed minds at the Ministry of Defence! 130 'Ploughshare' protestors are defending the Faslane Peace Camp from eviction - 01436-820901.

Food Not Bombs
On Bastille Day, July 14th, direct action to reclaim the United Nations plaza in San Francisco led to 28 being arrested. Info

>Club Soda
A fascist M.P. in Italy, strolled out of a restaurant in Rome into the path of 200 anarchists fresh from rioting . The nazi bodyguards legged it leaving their Leader to a 'doing'. Police fired weapons into the air scattering tourists.

What's the Difference?
A partner in a gay relationship has been served with a deportation order. Sorin Mihai, from Romania has been living with his partner from Leeds for 4 years. If he was 'heterosexual' and had been married to a British citizen for over a year he could stay. The Defence campaign contact is POB 417, Leeds LS2 7RX

t them down by withdrawing all funding. . "We refuse to be intimidated by the council." WHARP 16/1 Murrayburn Place, Edinburgh EH14 2RR Tel 0131 458 4135

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